Dr. Greg

About Dr. Greg

Even as a young child I dreamed of being a veterinarian. My parents eventually got used to the fact that their house was always going to be hotel and hospital for every creature that came across my path. Biology always held a special fascination to me especially in the diversity of even animals from the same species, like dogs. Way before the internet my parents bought me a full set of World Book Encyclopedias. I would fall asleep most nights with one of those in my hand. Early on I began working with vets first as a cage cleaner and general helper then to being a veterinary assistant, helping with hospital treatment and surgeries all while still in high school. I entered the Pre-Vet program at the University of Tennessee Knoxville and was accepted to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine a few years later. After graduation I worked at several companion animal clinics as an associate veterinarian before purchasing my own clinic. I owned that clinic in Knoxville for 15 years. Later, at a high school class reunion, I became reacquainted with a very good friend of mine from my high school days that was living in Atlanta. She eventually became my wife and I moved to the ATL. Counting my wife I now live in a home surrounded by 6 females. 2 Adults, my wife and daughter, my 2 granddaughters and 2 felines! They all actually let me believe that I am the boss but I really know different.

 Over my 25 plus years in practice I took a special interest in the care of my clients and patients during the final stages of their lives. I took extra classes in grief counseling, social work and psychology to be able to offer my clients the level of care during the passing of their pet that was not routinely available in general practice. I was also one of the first practitioners in my area that routinely performed hospice care for my patients in their homes. I had seen so many pets that were already very sick and in pain experience even further stress and fear when they were brought into the clinic to be put to sleep. I wanted to make sure my families and their pets had the best experience possible at one of the most difficult times they would ever experience as a pet owner. It actually helped my practice grow over the years and I lectured on this subject at times to students, community groups and colleagues.

 As both a vet and pet owner I have had to send a good number of my own children over the “Bridge”. Being able to fully understand the emotional issues that are involved with the passing of a beloved companion, I feel very fortunate to be able to offer my years of experience and compassion to those we serve at this difficult time.