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Individual Cremation

Atlanta Pet Hospice offers a special way to memorialize your pet with our Personalized Individual Cremation packages through a special arrangement with Heavenly Paws Pet Crematorium.

Your pet’s ashes are returned housed in your choice of either a beautiful deeply grained Cherry wood or a soft warm Bamboo wood urn. Pictured below are any more imaginative choices of urns and inscriptions that are also available for moderate additional costs. 

A Framed Clay Paw Print is created from your pet’s paw as a special personalized remembrance.

A keepsake clipping of your pet’s fur is also included with the package


For each Individual Cremation your pets remains are identified before cremation begins with a unique Pet Tracker ID for assurance that the ashes returned to you are only those of your pet.

You will also receive from Heavenly Paws an official Certificate of Individual Cremation

Up to 50 lbs   $265

51-99 lbs     $290

100+ lbs     $340

Communal Cremation is also available through Heavenly Paws. Communal Cremation is the same cremation process but the process is not performed in a way  to maintain the individual integrity of each body. There are no ashes returned.

Up to 50 lbs     $100

51-99 lbs    $140

100+ lbs   $190